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Inspiration and advice for a sloping garden Gardens Illustrated.
Shepherds Cottage in West Sussex has a contemporary country garden, with densely planted sloping borders that lead on to a wildflower meadow and orchard. Garden designer, Ann-Marie Powell designed the garden for owners and here, she gives her tips for designing a garden on a sloping site.
Helen Yemm: what should I do with a sloping garden? Telegraph.
How to Grow. Gardens to Visit. Helen Yemm: what should I do with a sloping garden? Gardening guru Helen Yemm solves your problems, from cotton scale insects to removing hedges. Hold back: A sunny terrace with timber retaining walls Photo: Jonathan Buckley.
How to Manage a Sloping Garden.
Traditional Gardening Advice Untold Gardening Secrets Useful DIY Advice. How to Manage a Sloping Garden. When one considers the enormous, but entirely worthwhile effort which has to be put into giving a flat garden the invaluable interest of contours, anyone with a sloping site should bless his lucky stars or the ice age.
Does anyone know what to do with a sloping garden?
We've' had a retaining wall put along the bottom of one half it's' a wide garden using railway sleepers, so it wasn't' too expensive to make a level area for the DC to play on if we ever get the grass down, that is. There are companies that specialise in landscaping/maintaining sloping gardens.
A Sloping Garden Makeover Vialii Garden Design.
Plants include Clematis alpina Rosy Pagoda, Crocosmia Carmin Brilliant, Echinacea Summer Cocktail, Euonymus alatus Compactus, Hydrangea paniculata Grandiflora as well as a range of hebes framing both the patios. Our Design Drawing for A Sloping Garden Makeover. Our Mood Board for A Sloping Garden Makeover.
Sloping garden ideas, steps and retaining walls.
In this episode, professional, international garden designer Rachel Mathews will feature sloping gardens, steps and how to deal with a retaining wall and changes in level. She will reveal her simple method for linking different level changes within the garden.
Steep banks and slopes/RHS Gardening.
Free entry to RHS members at selected times. Find a garden. RHS Flower Shows. Schools and Children. Campaign for School Gardening. Reduced prices on RHS Garden courses and workshops. Reduced prices on RHS Garden courses and workshops. Choose an option.
How to cope with. a sloping garden ALDA Landscapes.
If all thats not enough, you may also like to ponder the ultimate challenge a sloping garden that also has a cross fall. But before you rush off to sell your house with a drastically sloping garden, let me also give you the up-side.
Make the most of a sloping garden Real Homes.
Fear not, however; a sloped garden can look very beautiful and natural if you follow a few simple rules of hardscaping and planting. Garden expert Matt James offers his advice on making the most of your sloping garden. The upsides of a sloping a garden.
Access All Areas Sloping Garden Design Ideas.
So here is an excellent example of how retaining walls can overcome the problem of split ground levels and leave your garden looking fantastic. This shows that even a garden on the steepest of slopes can be transformed into something practical and visually attractive as long as you have the right products and design.
Q. How can I make the most of my sloping garden? Garden Answers.
And then theres the issue of drainage: water will be coming down this slope and, if heading towards the house, or behind a retaining structure, will need diverting or channelling somewhere more useful than your front room. On the other hand, a sloping garden automatically creates an interesting perspective.
How to make the most of a sloping garden Ideal Home.
Garden project advice. The best design solution for a sloping garden is to slit it into different levels to make the most of the space. Make the most of a sloping garden by creating different levels, each with its own purpose.

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